Friday, January 24, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hydrographic Transfer?

Water transfer printing also know as water immersion printing, hydrographic printing, Aqua Graphics, hydro-dipping, camo dipping or camouflage dipping, hydro imaging,water ink transfer printing and fluid imaging is a 3-D decorating process, where graphics such as Wood-grain, Carbon Fiber, Geometrical Designs and of course, Camouflage are applied to a item or products surface. The process is water soluble film that contains the printed patterns.

What is the Water Transfer Printing Process?

This process has a variety of stages from: Cleaning to taping, then applying a primer or adhesion promoter, then a base coat, an ink activator, then the actual dipping, then the washing takes place, then an automotive clear coat is applied. Don't forget the drying time between each process. Then the item is inspected, packaged and shipped back to it's owner.

How durable is the Hydrographic Camo Dipping Ink Print Process?

It is extremely durable....We use a high end automotive quality clear coat that protects your dipped item against wear and tear, so it will withstand the elements of weather and time. We have three quality clear coat finishes to choose from: High Gloss, Med Gloss (or Satin) and for you Hunters with your hunting equipment, we have" DEAD Flat"....Be sure to let us know what you would prefer.

What Items are Dip-able in Ink Transfer Print Patterns?

Wooden Gun Stocks, Synthetic Gun Stocks, Waterproof Scopes, Beetle Cleaned or Boiled European Skulls which can include: Bear, Deer, Coyotes, Wild Boar, Elk, Caribou or any animal skulls, that have been cleaned of your choosing. We do European Synthetic Skull Mounts, Motorcycle parts, 4-Wheeler parts, Bike Helmets, Hard Hats and just about anything that can fit in our tanks, that is made of Metal, Plastic, Wood, Fiberglass or Ceramic. If you want it dipped we can do it......

How Long Does the Aqua Graphic Process Dipping Take? (What is the Turn a round Time?)

The turn-a-round time on most processing (once your item arrives to us) is usually 10 days to 2 weeks. ***Rush Orders are available with extra fees. Please contact us for availability.

Do We Have to Disassemble Our Own Guns or Bows or Other Items to be Dipped?

YES, All parts must be completely disassembled. All parts should be cleaned and sent to us in ready to paint condition. Please send in only the parts that are going to be dipped and printed. All Guns should be taken to a Gun Dealer to be disassembled and reassembled for a small fee. This also holds true for your bow...Please use a Bow Dealer to disassemble and reassemble your bow... This could be dangerous if attempted on your own...Please use you caution! If any doubts, please give us a call ....

Terms of Payment:

All jobs require full payment before the item is returned or shipped.

Mefcor Outdoors specializes in water transfer printing & customer satisfaction.