Friday, January 24, 2020

About Mefcor Outdoors

MEFCOR Outdoors opened its doors in 2007. We began by selling fishing equipment and hunting supplies. In 2009, we expanded and starting selling archery equipment and supplies and added ammunition. We received our FFL in 2010 and now stock rifles, shotguns and pistols.  Two years later in 2012, we expanded again by adding kayaks and supplies to our showroom. 

In an effort to diversify further, we explored the possibility of hydrographic dipping (water transfer printing) as another service to our customers. In December 2013, we ordered necessary equipment and set up an area for this unique process. We traveled to Texas for training to become a certified designer. We have dipped many items with fantastic outcomes. We have dipped hundreds of unique items. We have access to several hundred films, which can make any dipped item one that you will be excited to show to all your friends. Use your imagination and join many of your friends who are taking advantage of this process...or be the first!